Game Play

1 to 4 couples can play this game with each couple playing "directly" and "only" against their own spouse/partner, not other players on the board. There must be one winner from each couple. The men in the game are known as "Tycoons" and the women are known as "Divas. "

The game is one part "Reality" and one part "Fantasy "and to win the game, you must be the first player between you and your partner to accumulate the 20 Matrimonial Assets located in the centre ring of the board. Winning allows you to choose up to 3 tasks or consequences (from the Oops cards) for your partner to perform in real life the following week! 

Players roll the dice to advance around both sections of the game board starting with the outer ring first. This ring is the "reality" portion of the game and there are three repeating squares that require a card draw....Oops, Busted and Splitsville. 

"Oops" cards designate a "Minor Matrimonial Infraction" and carry with them a single "Minor Consequence/task". These cards are read aloud to the group and are collected throughout the game. 

"Busted" cards designate a more serious "Matrimonial Infraction" and are the stepping stone to the centre ring of the board. These cards are also read aloud to the group and collected. Once a player accumulates 3 Busted cards they could be "Taken to the Cleaner$". 

"Splitsville" cards contain predetermined assets and are used to give yourself a strategic advantage over your partner. These cards are accumulated but "kept secret" from the group (with exceptions). They include Lawyer, Prenup, Marriage Counseling, Irreconcilable Differences, Mid Life Crisis, 7 Year Itch, In Yer Face, Screw Your Neighbor and, the Grand Daddy of all cards, the Annulment Card! 

In addition there are 6 special squares on the board.....Imitate Your Mate, The Way We Were, Wishful Thinking, What's Your Beef?,  All is Forgiven and the Doghouse.  And believe don't want to land in the Doghouse! Who knows what you will have to do! All of these special squares do not require a card draw but instead require a player to perform a certain act or voice a statement about their spouse/partner or their relationship. 

Once you begin play in the center ring you roll the dice to acquire ownership of the 20 "Matrimonial Assets". This is the "fantasy" portion of the game and how you win the game! If you land on your own asset, you're safe. Landing on an unowned asset gives you ownership of that asset. If you land on an asset owned by your partner, you must hand over an asset of their choice.

Also in the center ring you have a "Supreme Court Judgement" triangle. Landing on this allows you a free roll of the dice. Whatever number rolled gives you ownership of the corresponding number of Matrimonial Assets. This triangle helps speed up the conclusion of the game.

Once a player has accumulated the "20 Matrimonial Assets" they win the game! The losing partner must complete the "Pledge Sheet" at the direction of the winning partner. The Pledge Sheet is then posted in the home as a testimonial of the tasks/consequences that are to be completed throughout the week. Completion of these tasks/consequences is "mandatory".


There is one and only one "Annulment" card within the Splitsville cards. This is the "Grand Daddy" of all cards....... the "Ultimate Trump Card". If you acquire this card your marriage has been "anulled" and you automatically win the game against your partner! You can reverse the tasks assigned to you or you can choose any 3 tasks of your own (from the Oops cards). Keep this card secret until the very end of the game (even until the tasks have been assigned), then give your partner the "Ultimate Surprise"!   

* Prior to starting the game locate the "Annulment card" within the Splitsville deck. Shuffle and cut the card near the middle of the deck.

** All players must take the "Honors Pledge" prior to starting the game! 

*** All aspects of this game are designed to be "Fun & Light-hearted".  Please keep this in mind as you play this game and keep all aspects within the "spirit of the game".